This year, ICSM RAG is proud to support



Hope for Children is an international charity working towards a world where every child can have a happy childhood that sets them up for a positive future.

Currently, they are focused on six countries - Ghana, India, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Uganda - working with local people to create sustainable solutions. We also support local organisations whose beneficiaries are children and young people in extreme poverty.

They are helping to change this by delivering education, health, livelihoods and Child Rights projects that benefit thousands of children and families each year.

Their Vision

A world where every child has a happy childhood that sets them up for a positive future

Their Mission

Hope for Children creates opportunities for overlooked, vulnerable and exploited children living in extreme poverty

  • Child-Focused - they place children’s rights and needs at the centre of our decision-making processes

  • Transparent - they are honest with everyone we work with - open, transparent and accountable

  • Adaptable - they are resourceful in our approach, adaptable and responsive to different needs and demands whether it be during fundraising or in our project work.

  • Positive - they are passionate about people, working in partnership for fundraising and programme work, developing close relationships based on mutual respect and trust, and being positive about what we have achieved and the impact we can continue to have

  • A Valued Partner - they believe that local people are best placed to deliver local solutions and that our role is to appreciate what they already have, to add value where we can, and to work closely with them to develop their capacity. We want to be their partner of choice, not a partner of necessity.

  • Intent on sustainability - they seek to find sustainable solutions, acting for the benefit of children in the long term.



Anthony Nolan saves the lives of people with blood cancer and blood disorders.

It was founded in 1974 as the world’s first stem cell register, motivated by a mother’s determination to save her son, Anthony.

Over 45 years later, three people a day are now given a second chance of life, thanks to generous funders and an ever-growing stem cell register. Our charity is a lifesaving legacy. 


By recruiting potential donors, funding ground-breaking research, and providing the best post-transplant care from our clinical nurses, they are working towards a cure for people's blood cancer.


Their Vision

To save and improve the lives of everyone who needs a stem cell transplant.

This is our fundamental vision and, if you’ve known us a while, you’ll notice it hasn’t changed. That’s because our cause is as relevant now as it was 45 years ago when Shirley Nolan first started the charity to find a matching stem cell donor for her son, Anthony.

Their Aims

  • To provide outstanding services to patients and the clinical community

  • To drive lifesaving research and turn it into action for patients

  • To harness the collective power of our supporters to champion and enable our lifesaving work

  • To be a stronger voice for patients to ensure they receive the best possible care

Their Research

  • Discovering the perfect match for every patient 

  • Developing new and  improved  treatments including new cell therapies 

  • Improving the quality of life of all our patients during their recovery